Why do I have so many coffee cups? Some were gifts, some were souvenirs, others, I have no idea where they came from. I think that there is a magic number of coffee cups to have. For me, it is 6. Really, that’s all I need. There are two of us that drink coffee. So, if we have six cups that’s enough for us and company. If I need more than that, then it’s a party. If you have party, then you go with disposable cups. That’s my motto. So which six cups do you keep?

I think people are afraid to let things go for sentimental reasons or out of guilt. If a friend buys you a coffee cup for your birthday and you don’t need it, what do you do? Keep it and let it clutter up your cabinet? You can’t toss it. You certainly can’t say “No, thanks”. I end up keeping it for a while, then I pass it on to the donation pile. I know that people feel guilty about that. I mean, your friend spent good money on the gift. You don’t want to look like you are throwing money in the trash or being disrespectful. You aren’t. Really. It’s a nice thought and all, but really, it’s more stuff you don’t need.

There are those who feel that gift cards are lousy gifts. I don’t think so. I’d rather give someone a gift card to the movies or their favorite restaurant than stick them with another useless thing they don’t need. Just a thought.


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