Investing In Uncertain Times

I know that many of you have been concerned about what will happen in the markets over the next few years. I wanted to take this moment to share some insight. I hope it quells your fears and concerns.

Remember to keep your short term money needs in short term investments. This is true in any market environment and for anyone of any risk tolerance. If you know that you’re going to need a new roof on the house in the next year, keep cash on hand for that!

What about the rest of your money? What if you are five years out from retirement or in retirement? How should you proceed?

It depends….

You need to do an analysis of your cash flow resources (pension, social security, etc) and the gap that you have to fill with your investments. Your investment choices will be an output of what your needs are. Sounds simple, right? It is, but it isn’t. With a universe of thousands of choices, which are the right ones for you? Don’t make the mistake and think that whatever your best friend is doing or the person at the cubicle next to you is doing is the best choice for you. Everyone’s situation is different. Have a financial advisor complete a review for you.

Ensure that you are optimizing your portfolio for upcoming turbulent times!

Sharon L. Herman AAMS, ADPA is the CEO of Silver Key Wealth Management, and affiliated with LPL Financial.

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