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I’ve talked about minimalism a bit on my website in the past. I guess it’s not true minimalism – one couch, one fork, one coffee cup, but more a state of mind of paring down your life.

Where to start?

There are a few places to start. One is the garage. What’s in there? Do you use it? Is it worth keeping? It might be labor intensive, but it’s worth sorting out everything that you have in there. Pull it all out. ALL OF IT! Sell the things that you haven’t used. If it’s broken or in disrepair, then fix it or sell it. If you haven’t used it in a few years, then you probably don’t really need it. While all of the “stuff” is out of your garage, you might as well clean it. Yep, hose it out. Repaint the walls. Clean out the spider webs that are in the corners. You’ll feel better once it’s done, trust me.

Next place – the closets!

Clothes are tough. There always seems to be the clothes that fit now and the clothes that I want to fit into, if I lose a few pounds. Be honest with yourself. Are you really going to fit into those jeans that have been sitting there for several years? If that the honest answer is no, then donate them. Do that with everything in your closet. ALL OF IT!!!

Next place – the basement!

If you have a basement, I envy you. I used to have one of those, but I live in Florida now, and I miss my basement. What great storage areas! Go through that stuff down there. Sell it, donate it, give it to someone who needs it. If you haven’t used it in years, then it needs to go. It’s not doing you any good.

Next place – your living room!

Do you have too much furniture? Look around your living room. Do you have too many knick knacks? An abundance of photos on the wall? Think about paring it down. Sensory overload causes stress.

Next place – your credit card!

What? Yes. Do you have auto renewals for magazines that you don’t have time to read? Jam of the month club? Gym memberships that you utilize every January and by the time March rolls around your gym shoes are collecting dust? Get rid of those, too. You’ll be much happier and your bank account will be fuller!

Let me know if you’ve pared it down and how it went!

Sharon L. Herman AAMS, ADPA is the CEO of Silver Key Wealth Management

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photo credit: Cat Branchman

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