How a good portfolio is like thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner

Hello ladies and gents, yes, I’m going to talk about Thanksgiving! Mmmmm…. Thanksgiving. What’s not to like? Turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and watching my beloved Detroit Lions…. Good portfolios are like a good Thanksgiving dinner – they have a little bit of everything! Even the weird Jell-O mold that Aunt Petunia brings with the…

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Investing In Uncertain Times

A sputnik

I know that many of you have been concerned about what will happen in the markets over the next few years. I wanted to take this moment to share some insight. I hope it quells your fears and concerns. Remember to keep your short term money needs in short term investments. This is true in…

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Your happy Place

A graffiti wall art with a phrase “JUNK”

I’ve talked about minimalism a bit on my website in the past. I guess it’s not true minimalism – one couch, one fork, one coffee cup, but more a state of mind of paring down your life. Where to start? There are a few places to start. One is the garage. What’s in there? Do…

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Market Volatility And You

A shark

2018 has been a year of market craziness! Down hundreds of points one day, up hundreds of points the next. Some of you may be tempted to put everything in cash and walk away. Don’t do that! Here’s why:1. Diversification can be your friend. Is your portfolio well diversified? If so, then that’s a good…

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